A project for Ukrainian youth that connect their future with academic music and who can hear in Ukraine the best examples of modern "great music" which gives cultural and spiritual uplift and development.

"Musical Bridges" is a demonstration of high-quality Ukrainian content and cultural product, organization of concerts, festivals, that  form a positive vision of the country and introduce the world with the achievements of Ukrainian culture and creative mind.

The joint  Ukrainian-Austrian mutual concert of the New Era Orchestraand Christoph Zitzen was arranged, that was attended by more than 700 students from music universities and fans of classical music. Training was held for 162 young musicians and teachers from 6 regions of Ukraine and 5 recipes were developed to bring young people closer to the classical music.


For the first time in Ukraine, the genre of percussion concerto was presented as a collaboration of the world star of percussion K. Zitzen (Austria / Luxembourg) and the New Era Orchestra (Ukraine).

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