Centre de Kiyiv

The Centre Anne de Kyiv exists in France as important evidence that Ukraine has become a part of Europe a thousand years ago.

Today, when Ukraine has to fight for its history, it is extremely important to preserve these centers of Ukrainianness in Europe and promote their development.


The Centre Anne de Kyiv in France has created the video that allows to see in 3D two places that connect Ukraine and France through the  daughter of Yaroslav the Wise - French Queen Anne.

Купол собора

The filming took place in Sanlis, where Queen Anne has resided, and in Sophia of Kyiv, where she has spent her childhood and has left her signature. For the first time Sophia of Kyiv was filmed from an unusual angle under the dome.

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Charity Evening "Anna Kyivska. New Millennium"



What history connects every Ukrainian with our project?

The center is in Sanlis city, 40 kilometers from Paris. In 1060 the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, Queen of France Anna Kyivska, has resided there. She has left a legacy there - St.Vincent Abbey.

The memory of the Queen of France has withstood the test of time in Sanlis. In honor of the figure of Anna Kyivska in history, residents of the city have erected a monument to her at the entrance to St. Vincent Abbey.

Санліс, Франція

In 2013, thanks to the support of the Ukrainian enterpreneurs, we’ve manage to purchase a historic building in the Royal Sanlis, where the Anna Kyivska Center began its activities - a platform for dialogue between Ukraine and Western Europe and cultural, artistic, scientific and educational projects. Anna Kyivska Days are held every year gathering hundreds of people from different countries. In winter 2019 the restoration of the building, that the Center shares with the parish of the Holy Princes Boris and Gleb, began that will help to attract more visitors to Sanlis and the Center.

The constant support of philanthropists is necessary to develop the Center's programs, including exhibitions, cultural events, creative residencies, round tables, and conferences, that will encourage to reinterpretation of European identity in the XXI.

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