14 December 2022


We are proud of everyone who continues developing our country despite all the troubles.

Thanks to brave Ukrainians at the front, we can develop the economy of our country in the rear. The war only made each of us stronger. A month ago, our team launched a pilot project — Smilyvi Grants. All to support small businesses that were on the verge of survival due to the war or needed help to survive.

Three regions, more than 200 applications in a short seven days of recruitment and a difficult selection of those who will become participants. During the project, we were able to teach 60 people how to create business plans. These were 30 people from the "Micro-enterprise" category - those who already had a business and needed funds; as well as 30 people from the "Self-Employed" category - those who were not registered as entrepreneurs but wanted to start their own business.

This project became possible thanks to the professional team of trainers and experts of CO "Light of Hope", caring and reliable partners: Agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv, Raiffeisen Bank and the Сharitable Organization «Charitable Fund «Believe in yourself»

It was very difficult to choose those who will receive the grant. Our team made a choice based on the business plans written by the participants. Therefore, we have 15 winners in the "Self-employment" category and 10 in the "Micro-entrepreneurship" category. The list of names can be seen on the website of the Сharitable Organization «Charitable Fund «Believe in yourself» at the link

The winners of the competition in the "Self-employment" category are:

1. Bereza Vitalii

2. Bondaruk Oksana

3. Buriak Alona

4. Vasylevych Yulia

5. Vashchenko Oksana

6. Hrebeniuk Nadiia

7. Druk Yulia

8. Kozyk Anna

9. Koreshkova Antonina

10. Liubyva Lesia

11. Myrhorodska Alona

12. Miroshnychenko Liudmyla

13. Sysiuk Valerii

14. Stopina Yulia

15. Yarosh Tetiana


The winners of the competition in the "Micro-enterprise" category are:

1. Babych Iryna

2. Bohutskyi Timofii

3. Los Liudmyla

4. Petryk Maryna

5. Rybak Yehor

6. Syrotenko Oleksandra

7. Slyzko Natalia

8. Chaikovskyi Roman

9. Shevtsov Oleksandr

10. Shostak Ihor

Thank you everyone! We believe that the time spent together was as effective as possible, because the brave always has a result.



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