Raiffeisen Bank has supported the humanitarian project Common Help UA

27 April 2022

Raiffeisen Bank has joined Common Help UA. From this time on, you can make donations to support the project in the Raiffeisen ONLINE


Raiffeisen Bank has joined our Common Help UA humanitarian project. From this time on, you can make donations to support the project in the mobile application - Raiffeisen Online. To do this, the bank's customers need to go to the Raiffeisen Online, select the section Payments - Help Ukrainians - Believe in Yourself Charitable Foundation and make a donation. Assistance to war-affected cities remains of high importance.

To restore the life of the Bucha territorial community, which includes 11 villages and 2 urban-type settlements, we continue to raise 500,000 UAH for the purchase of generators that are crucial for people`s lives, as the villages in the community still live without electricity.

We are sincerely grateful for any of these amounts and will publicly report on every hryvnia.

Please join our initiative because every hryvnia can save someone's life.

Today, Ukrainians from Trostyanets, Okhtyrka, Bucha, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Irpin, Sumy, Slavutych, and other regions affected by Russia's military aggression have received more than 120 tons of humanitarian aid (food, medicine) from the team and partners of Common Help UA. 



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